Your Future in Journalism

Last month David and Marilyn made a visit to IUPUI to lead a panel discussion focusing on the future of journalism and public relations.  As a student approaching graduation, I’m extremely disappointed that I couldn’t attend, because like many, I get shaky and anxious just thinking about the job hunt. I think I speak for most when I say I know what my dream job is, I just need to know how to get there.

IUPUI students felt the same way as the most popular topic of the night was the journalism job track.  David and Marilyn addressed all the questions that soon-to-be-graduates are dying to know from “what should I include on a resume?” to “how can I stand out in an interview?”

For those of you who find yourself wishing on stars for a tell-all guide to the future, don’t fret. While I don’t have all the answers, David did share with me what he says to be the biggest key to success when applying for jobs: BE ADAPTABLE.

Remember that you can accomplish your dreams, but don’t hesitate to work toward those dreams by starting out in an entry-level position in your hometown.  Graduates need to mold themselves to fit the job before they can select a job that fits them. Besides, the best part of reaching your destination is the journey that got you there, right?

If you still find yourself hoping for another chance to hear Shank Public Relations Counselors share some knowledge, there is a solution.  Marilyn will be speaking to two classes at the University of Indianapolis this Friday, September 21, on the topic of what it’s like to own and manage a public relations firm.

Also, below are some helpful links for those PR and journalism students who are preparing for the next few months of applications and job hunting and want a little assistance. Good luck!

What Makes a Good PR Person:


Journalism Jobs:

Job Bank:



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