Want to be our fall intern? Here’s what you need to know

Rick Teitloff, Intern, Shank Public Relations Counselors

Even though I just started my tenure here as the summer intern at Shank Public Relations Counselors, we’re already on the lookout for our fall 2013 intern. For a full run-down of the objectives, job description and tips, visit our website. Here is the elevator speech:

Goals and objectives

  • to make the internship a learning experience by working with each person in the firm
  • to work on projects for both non-profit and corporate clients
  • to work on at least one project from beginning to end
  • to develop a professional portfolio

Intern job description

  • this is a paid internship
  • the intern will work 22-40 hours per week depending on class schedule
  • work closely with public relations professionals and complete work assigned to them by one supervisor
  • Be prepared to work

 Cover letter

Your cover letter is your first impression to a company. The cover letter needs to represent you. Be personable and honest. Personalize each cover letter you write; “to whom it may concern” is not an acceptable greeting! Put some effort into your application process and do some research about the company. I’ll even do you a solid- your contact here will be David L. Shank, president and CEO. Tell us why you want to intern here, why you would be a valuable asset and most importantly, back it up with examples. This is your time to shine! Lastly, always include when you’re going to follow up with a call…then actually do so.

Resume and work samples

  • include basic information such as your college education and related work experience
  • include real world experience, from extracurricular to writing for your campus paper or media
  • include relevant skills and a statement about references and a portfolio being available upon request
  • three work samples are requested…that means three!  But don’t include your 60 page term paper – keep the samples short and meaningful.

The deadline for submission of your cover letter, resume and work samples is July 1, 2013. Materials are to be emailed to dshank@shankpr.com. The start date for the internship is the beginning of your fall semester.

Even though the deadline is July 1, it is my personal advice to get on the horse and apply as soon as possible. You may not be the first applicant *hint hint!*. Good luck to all of the applicants!


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