I bid you farewell

This week represents an extremely exciting, yet sad time for me. Not only is my internship with Shank Public Relations Counselors coming to an end, but so is my undergraduate career. Though I’m just days away from graduation, I still cannot believe all that I have been able to learn and accomplish through my internship and last few months at Ball State University.

Initially, I feared regretting my final semester of college due to all the responsibilities I piled onto my plate. From being president of an on-campus organization to carrying a full class load to working more than 20 hours a week for my internship, I thought that I would become burned out in a matter of weeks. Looking back, I am happy to say that I was wrong. Yes, there were times when this semester was the definition of chaos, but my experience was also more rewarding than I could have imagined.

The best word to describe my period with Shank Public Relations Counselors would be fulfilling. David and Marilyn have constantly made it a point to teach and encourage me to be a well-rounded, ethical professional by modeling the way. By observing their interactions with clients and business partners, it is clear that David and Marilyn care about and believe in all the projects with which they are involved.

They also truly care about the learning experience gained by their interns. Whether I had questions, needed advice or wanted to try a new project, David and Marilyn have always been receptive to and supportive of my ideas. They are open-minded and welcome interns to work on skills that they may lack experience in. My portfolio has grown tremendously with work in web design, research, copy writing, media relations, social media and special events! The best part is that I enjoyed working on each one of these assignments and found a lesson in each project. The most memorable lesson learned: Duct tape is the key to success for any event, but especially when assisting in a client presentation!

As a senior approaching graduation I am often asked, “Do you feel prepared?” Thanks to my internship, my kind professors, and my helpful bosses, I can honestly say yes. So bring it on, “real world”!

Not only is my resume better developed, but so is my understanding of what I would like to do with my career. After spending four months at a public relations firm, I know that this is the path I want to and will continue on. Beginning in January, I will be working with an Indianapolis public relations and advertising agency for a post-graduate internship!